New Arrival
NOX Sensor 5WK9 6756A A2C95913000-01
This sensor can simultaneously measure the concentration of and NOx in the exhaust.
Exhaust temperature sensor 5461945
Collect the temperature of multiple points on the engine exhaust pipe to provide a basis for post-processing control. Supports up to 4 thermoscouple probes (different numbers can be customized according to user needs),.
Urea quality sensor
Meet the China VI vehicle emission standards and OBD requirements. It can accurately collect urea level, temperature and concentration signals, and transmit them to ECU via CAN.
Automatic Production Line
The workshop equipped with software and hardware systems such as fully automatic line, intelligent testing equipment, ERP system, MES system, WMS system, etc..
Zhejiang Kreation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Successfully obtained IATF16949 certification
December 12, 17
In Jan,2022,Zhejiang Kreation Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd successfully obtained the IATF16949:2016 quality management system standard compliance certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland,.