Ensuring delivery and promoting the defense of the blue sky

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Update time : 2024-01-03 15:08:07
Policy background
In order to continue to fight for the blue sky, the State Council recently issued the action plan for continuous improvement of air quality. This is the third national action plan to protect the blue sky after the "ten atmospheric regulations" in 2013. The action plan calls for taking improving air quality as the core, focusing on reducing heavily polluted weather and solving the outstanding atmospheric environmental problems around the people, and Solidly Promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of industry, energy and transportation. The action plan for continuous improvement of air quality also emphasizes the need to strengthen capacity-building, including enhancing the ability of atmospheric environment monitoring, strengthening the law enforcement of atmospheric environment supervision and strengthening the scientific and technological support for decision-making.
Notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the action plan for continuous improvement of air quality
Negative chaos
In the past, shielding devices and simulators interfered with the automotive aftertreatment market, and the industry has suffered for a long time. This kind of false and clumsy blindfold has ignored national policies and regulations, and has also caused great harm to air pollution. The state has repeatedly hit hard against the chaos, and will punish anyone who catches it! The current action plan for continuous improvement of air quality issued by the State Council also shows the government's determination to control air pollution and protect the blue sky.
Never forget the original intention
Under this policy environment, the current demand for gas sensors in the automotive industry has greatly increased. As one of the most critical components in the SCR post-treatment system, nitrogen and oxygen sensors are extremely important to detect the nitrogen and oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe of the engine during engine operation and whether the nitrogen and oxygen emissions meet the regulatory standards.
As a high-quality supplier of nitrogen and oxygen sensors, Credit Suisse has a complete automatic production line, a high-quality R&D center and dozens of patents. In view of the rapid growth of market demand for nitrogen and oxygen sensors in recent days, Credit Suisse did not forget its original mission, arranged employees to work overtime on holidays and actively participated in the battle of blue sky defense. Quality guarantee! Keep the quantity! Guaranteed delivery!
Background information
Zhejiang kreation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Zhejiang kreation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent sensor company invested and founded by Zhuoping intelligent technology Wuxi Co., Ltd. (Zhuoping). It is located in Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and is committed to the R&D, production and sales of intelligent sensors (nitrogen and oxygen sensors, intelligent temperature sensors, urinary quality sensors, etc.) and other intelligent parts. The company has invested tens of millions in the R&D and production of nitrogen and oxygen sensor products, obtained CMMI and iatf16949 certification, and introduced ERP and MES digital management platform to realize the intelligent, informatization and integrated process of production, quality inspection and traceability. It always takes innovation, responsibility and efficiency as the core values, responds to customer needs quickly, maintains a stable and progressive friendly cooperative relationship with customers, and realizes sustainable development.
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